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At our focus is on continuing education and licensing for the pest control industry and certified crop advisors. Get in touch with us today.
Overview of Available Courses
As you may know, PestEducation has a number of courses written specifically for the purpose of satisfying the continuing education requirements needed to maintain licenses to work in the pest control industry. In California these licenses include Agriculture pest advisor's license (PCA), qualified applicator's license (QAL), qualified applicator's certificate (QAC) and pilots. Also included are structural pest control operator's (OPR), field representative's (FR) and applicator’s licenses (RA). These courses are fully accredited by the Department of Pesticide Regulations (Agricultural-DPR) and the Structural Pest Control Board. Our courses are also accredited in Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona (both structural and agricultural pest control) and Washington. The procedure to attain continuing education hours is quite simple and eliminates the need to attend long or inconvenient conferences. All courses are available on a CD, online, as a printout and now, also in Spanish. Simply read the material and answer some True/False questions. Seventy percent is a passing grade but you can take it again until you pass. The questions are not difficult and it is very difficult not to pass. Once you figure out the answers, they can be called in over the phone, emailed or sent through the regular mail. The programs are presented in a simple and entertaining manner. It's not difficult and we have had great feedback from those individuals who have already completed a course or two. Typical comments are compiled here:
  • That was great! I learned a lot more than at any conference I have attended. The program read easily and this is great reference material that I can go back to. It was really good because I could do it at my own leisure and it really didn't take very long. This is a great deal. It is very economical--it was convenient and I learned a lot."
I should mention we are not trying to knock going to conferences because these serve important functions. I am just reporting what we are hearing from our customers.
The following is based on accreditation in California (see other states for accreditation and prices in other states). All prices include programs, testing, accreditation and shipping. All programs were written by Dr. Richard Kaae (university professor, entomology) and Patricia Kaae (university consultant). When you order any program(s) you will receive all the rest of the programs (free) for training, reference or future use.
There is a great package deal-California!
Agriculture (DPR)-QL or QC, any 20+ hours including laws-$138.00, AA (advisor) any 40+ hours including laws-$248.00.
Structural (California Structural Board)-FR, OPR, one branch 8+8 R&R-$138, two branches-$178.00, RA Applicators-8+4 Laws (all hour needed)-$89.00
Program #1 Insects and Civilization ($109.00):
In California 16 hours credit agriculture (DPR) and 20 hours continuing education credit from the Structural Pest Control Board Branches 2 and 3 Technical. Can be broken into 2 parts 8 (DPR) or 10 (Structural) CEUs each depending on agency, which can assigned to different accreditation periods; however, testing must occur during that period where credit is needed. It's fun and exciting and you will learn a lot. This package is also available in a book form for those who are not computer-oriented (add $30.00). Over 200 photographs.
Program #2 Outdoor Vertebrate Pests ($89.00):
Four hours Branch 2 Technical and 4 hours laws (R&R) Structural Pest Control credit. No longer accredited for California Ag (DPR).This course can be divided into 2 separate courses. Program covers the biology and control of gophers, squirrels, voles, moles and some rats, including the safe use of the rodenticides that are currently available. It is written by Patricia and Dr. R. S. Kaae, a professor of pest management and owner-operators of a gopher and ground squirrel control company for over 20 years.
Program #3 Medical Entomology ($99.00):
In California 11 1/2 hours agricultural (DPR-Agriculture) and 12 hours structural Branch 2 Technical credit. Covers those arthropods that vector diseases or affect humans and their pets in other medical ways. 130 photographs.
Program #4 Biology and Control of Spiders ($40.00):
Four hours structural Branch 2 Technical credit. No longer available for California Ag credit. Covers venomous and non-venomous spiders, including identification, biology and control. 50 photographs.
Program #5 Carpenter Ants($40.00):
Three hours structural Branch 2 and 3 Technical. No longer available for California Ag. Credit
Program #6 Wood Destroying Beetles ($40.00):
Four hours Structural Branches 1 and 3 Technical. No longer available for California Ag. Credit
Program #7 Predatory Insects ($40.00):
In California 4 hours agriculture (DPR).
Program #8 History, Development and Interpretation of Pesticide Labels. ($40.00):
Four hours structural R&R (laws). No longer available for California Ag. Credit With this and the 4 hours laws in Program 2, structural OPRs and FRs can now get all the laws required for recertification. Also counts for 4 hours laws for applicators (RA) and, when combined with Program # 16, fulfills all applicator CEU requirements. (Total combined cost for RAs $89.00).
Program #9 Insect Identification ($109):
In California 23 total hours agriculture (DPR) (can be used as two separate courses) and 20 structural Board Branch 2 Technical. Great program with a huge number of images. Aimed at family identification and biology of larger orders. Economic species included.
Program #10 Termite Biology and Control ($40.00):
Four hours structural Branch 1/3 Technical. No longer available for California Ag. Credit
Program #11 Cockroach Biology and Control ($40.00):
Three hours Structural Board Branch 2 Technical.
Program #12 Flea Biology and Control ($20.00):
Two hours Structural Board Branch 2 Technical. No longer available for California Ag. Credit
Program #13 Misc. Household Pests ($20.00):
Two hours Structural Board Branch 2 Technical.
Program #14 Africanized Bees and Imported Fire Ants ($39-DPR-Structural $40.00):
Four hours structural Branch 2 Technical. No longer available for California Ag. Credit
Program #15. Weed and Weed Control ($89.00)
In California 8 hours agriculture (DPR).
Program #16. Applicators' Guide to Wood Destroying Pests ($79.00).
Eight hours Structural Board Branch 3 Technical. No longer available for California Ag credit. Can be combined with History of Labels program (Program 8) to fulfill all hours (except IPM) needed to renew structural applicators license (combined cost $89.00).
Program #17. Applicators' Guide to Outdoor Vertebrate Pests ($89.00).
In California 8 hours agriculture (DPR) and 8 hours Structural Applicator License and 6 hours Branch 2 Technical and 2 IPM.
Program #18. Honeybee and Beekeeping. ($89.00)
In California 12 hours agriculture (DPR).
Program #19. California Pesticide Laws and Regulations ($30.00)
Three hours laws in agriculture (DPR).
Program #20. History, Interpretation, Development Pesticide Regulations. ($20.00)
Two Hour Laws Agriculture (DPR).

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