How To Order

The Procedure is simple. Call or email us:

Actually it is better to call. We like to talk to you and are available every day of the week from 8 AM to 6 PM. If you get an answering machine, that typically means we are on the phone. Leave a message and we will call you right back. Let us know how many hours you need and which programs you are interested in. If you want we can make suggestions. At that point we will either send you the programs (classes) on a CD, make them available on our website or we have printouts of some of the programs. Actually when you order any of the programs we will make the remaining available to you (no charge) for training, reference or possible future use.
You only pay for those you that you use for continuing education. Once ready you can call us or email us with the false answers. We do need payment prior to sending certificates of completions.